question: can you earn profit from projects?

Hi, I have a question regarding Toon Boom Studio.

I bought the program, and I’m currently looking for jobs as an animator. Now…say I get a job, a job that pays. I am allowed to use Toon Boom Studio to make various animated projects for clients for pay, right? I just need to clarify. say, if I were to make an animated spot to be shown before films for a local Movie theater. would that be allowed? or making shorts for your website and perhaps dvds of those said shorts? Did I buy a license for this kind of use when I bought Toon Boom Studio?
thank you.

-Jared Kowis

You can generate income with your commercial version of TBS.
Academic versions need to upgrade to commercial.

I just bought the academic version, and I’m working on something i plan to sell, so i can learn/complete the project, and then upgrade after? I would then get 100% of my earnings?

i love the animation quote and your spirit. I have had problems learning TBS which is frustrating because I have an idea that I think could be a hit series.
Again nice quote and good luck