Question About Upgrading from Animate to Harmony

Apologies if this specific question has already been answered, but I am curious. I am currently still using Toon Boom Animate 3 to complete a project and I received an email notifying me about the discount price ending for an upgrade to Harmony Advanced. I wanted to know if my current license for Animate 3 would still work if I were to upgrade and activate a copy of Harmony. Also, would I be able to reuse all of the project templates, color palettes, and keyboard shortcuts I’ve created and saved for Animate, in Harmony, or are the two programs completely incompatible in that regard? Thank you.

You will be able to use Animate 3 as an independent program after acquiring Harmony.

The Animate files are not compatible with Harmony. There will be a folder that will appear in your Toon Boom Account area where you submit projects for Toon Boom to manually convert them into Harmony compatible formatting. It is not an instant conversion and will take a few days for Support to complete the work as they fit it into their schedule.

Oh, wonderful. Thank you for your response; I appreciate it.