Question about symbol substitution auto playing

Hey guys I’ve used flash for a number of years and when I did symbols (say graphic) I could put a symbol on frame 10, set it to play from frame 1 and the extend timeline to say frame 20 and it would auto play the frames inside (unless I set it to single frame).

In TB harmony after I made a symbol and put it on the main timeline, to get it to play the frames within i have to use ] for next pr [ for previous, and click on every frame manually to make it animate the frames within.

Is there any way to do this sorta like in flash where I can make it play frames x to y from within the symbol on the main timeline?

Same problem. I’m sure you can ‘learn to love it’ the same way Flash users have to ‘learn to love’ the Brush tool, but bad is bad. Nested Timelines and their playback are where Flash still wins hands down unless there’s an option I’m missing here. Please tell me I missed it.

Hi Gleb, I posted a similar question back in 2010 (!!), around the time they introduced Symbols to Animate. I haven’t tried Harmony yet, but I reckon from what you ask that this issue (I call it an issue because it make you lose time) is still as it used to be.

If you’e interested in my old post, here it is :slight_smile:

Thanks for response, yea seems to be the same problem. A shame, it’s super easy in flash.