Question about Studio 8 and the other version.

Hi, I want to ask if for example I get along with Toon Boom Studio 8 and for example, I have a animation club and wanted to do the advance stuff which is what I think the Toon Boom Animation or Pro version? If I get that, do I need to learn all the software’s core all over again? Is it easy to switch software from Studio to Animation?

I think you will find that with Animate things are easier and the tools more refined than in Studio even though there is more to learn.

Some things are done differently. Some are very similar if not the same. There are additional features to learn. However Studio is based off the higher end products and it is not so different that you would feel like starting over again.

If you go up to Animate Pro you get into the node-based effect system instead of layer-based. It is a different concept offering more capability. Yet you could get up and running with Studio knowledge and learn the other things little by little later on. You do not have to know it all before you can use the other programs.

I had Studio 7 for a little while and jumped to Animate Pro 3. When I was looking around trying to learn Studio I would also read and watch videos about Animate and Animate Pro. I liked the way things were done. In many cases things are easier and produce better results in the higher end programs.

If you can swing the funds Animate Pro is the sweet spot IMO.