question about scene changes...

Hi, I’m really new to Toon Boom animate. I haven’t used Toon Boom since I graduated. I was looking through the hand drawn animation workspace and I can’t find a way to create a new scene without creating a new project. Is there something I’m overlooking?


Animate manages one scene at once, however, you can store files as templates in the library, and access them to the same scene or others.
Templates themselves are scenes that contain material that can be reused in all or some. You can get a template of an entire scene if desired. You can make templates of an element of image, sound or properties that could be reused. They can be edited as independent scene (edit template).
The changes that are made, when drag, to reuse it in the current scene, are not reflected in the original. Hope that helps.


animate is designed to work scene by scene.

there is no project viewer.