Question about running the Toon Boom software on the correct system.

Is it best to run any Toon Boom software on a Mac or Windows? Is it best to run it on a laptop or desktop?

You can run it on Mac and Windows.Laptops and Desktops both work.Older basic (economy) laptops (more than four years old) may stutter and cough a bit on certain features.I’m a Windows guy and I’ve run this on basic systems with a Wacom Tablet and had no trouble. The Toon Boom people seem to prefer Macs when they do their demos. Steven Mussey

Let me clarify my last answer a bit. An ideal computer would have a dedicated graphics card and be a bit more expensive. Thus, Toon Boom officially advises a dedicated graphics card. Having said that: I just finished a complex animation using nothing more than an integrated Intel graphics chip on Windows and had no issues.Steven Mussey

For Windows based systems an NVidia graphic card in the mid to high-end range is best such as the GTX 560 ti or the GTX 670. This is due to the poor drivers for OpenGL that the Radeon cards provide.Try and stay away from the integrated video cards as these generally perform poorly for graphic intensive applications; they are made more for working on spreadsheets or doing word processing.They are also used on some systems in combination with a dedicated graphic card to save power and to keep the heat from building-up as the better graphic cards generate more heat.