Question about PURCHASE!

Hey everyone, my question is simple…

If I buy Animate Studio for 400 USD and then (the same day) I upgrade it to Animate Studio Pro for 600 USD, I will be able to get Animate Pro for 1000 USD instead of 2000 USD, right?

I know I loose the chance to use Animate Studio, but I don’t mind.

I can’t see a problem in this.

All you need is a vaild Animate code to upgrade which you will have.

By the way the Animate Pro code works in standard Animate as well. I have both running off my machine on the one code, not that you would really want to since would have pro!

I’ve already got Animate and this seems like a bargain. Toon Boom had a similar offer for Storyboard to Storyboard Pro, I jumped on it and then they released a new Storyboard Pro version a few weeks later. My concern is that this will be the same. I don’t want to spend $600 and see a new release come out in April or May.

Last time people who bought close to the release were automatically upgraded, which was a great from Toonboom.

That said I am not sure a new version is that close.
PS If can I get beta so I can have tutorials on the new features ready to go on the release.

Well, I jumped in. I like Toon Boom too much to resist ::slight_smile:

Congrats, I am sure you will enjoy it once you get use to it.

I have grown to love network view to the point i would cry without it now!