Question about pegs and layers

Hi everyone, I just got Toon Boom Studio and am trying to get up to speed. I have a question about pegs and layers. Probably better to show you than type it all out. Please watch this video outlining my problem and my question. Thanks very much for any help!

Success! Found the “Type” field in the properties window that allows you to set a layer as a normal, foreground or background layer. By setting the hair as a background layer I can add it to the head peg while still having the neck, which is not on the head peg keep its position in the stacking order in front of the hair.

Just want to double check now with other users that this is the right way to do this and that there’s not some other trick to it that I’m missing. This also begs the question ‘what happens when you need more than 3 such layers’? What if I have a really complex character or animation that needs more than 3 layers to work properly? I hope I never get to that point, but figured I should ask!

The solution you are using isn’t the best approach for your layering issue. You want to adjust the elements in 3D space. This is described on this page in the TBS WIKI LAYERING ELEMENTS specifically in the paragraph title “the Z direction of 3D space”. -JK

Thanks JK!

I had just found the TBS Wiki site a couple days ago and had started going through it, what a wealth of info! I’ll look into the chapter you’re referencing, thanks very much for pointing it out, obviously I hadn’t gotten that far into the wiki. So far I’ve really been able to make an impression using TBS on this project I’m working on, and am looking forward to really understanding how it all works to do a great job on this project (and hopefully future projects as well). Thanks again!