Question about Morphing

I have question about Morphing.
You can read it in attached image.

I’d first like to see stages of this morph however taking a shot in the dark, look at your Line Tool properties for the Join selection. I would guess you did not change it at any stage when working on the morph but there is an outside chance that having the Join set to Miter (if it wasn’t) could produce a sharp corner in the morph result.

Thanks for the answer.
But first and last frame have ‘Join’ option set to ‘Mitre’
I can’t change ‘Join’ option on ‘Morphing’ frames
Please see image

I suggested the Join idea with the intention of making any changes before applying the morph. Once you morph the art sort becomes something in and of itself, definitely non-editable. So you would remove the morph, make the change then re-morph to test. But we now know the Join setting is not the problem.

If you want to start and end with sharp corners you cannot use the Pencil/Line Tool because it creates center contour lines. If you try the morph hints they only snap to the center of the line and offer no control over the outer edge. I set up a test and as soon as I morphed all of the corners rounded on the originating and target forms. The force of the morph works like bad weather on a brick causing sharpness to dull.

I’d like to see the sequence so I know what you are morphing. From the most recent image it looks like you are morphing two identical squares. I am guessing it is just two different sized squares. The Transform Tool might have been a more appropriate choice. On the other hand…

To achieve sharp corners in a morph:

  1. Create your originating form with the Pencil/Line Tool
  2. Go to the Top Menu Bar => Drawing => Convert => Pencil Lines to Brush Strokes
  3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 for the target form.
  4. Morph the art converted to brush strokes.

You will end up with sharp corners. I did in my second test. If you do need to use hints (now or in the future) you will be much better off working with brush strokes.

If you need/prefer to have the art in pencil lines for the rest of the animation, duplicate/paste the final form to the next frame (following the morph sequence) before applying the morph so that as soon as the morph is done you are back to a pencil line object. The same goes for the animation leading up to the morph. Pencil up until the first frame of the morph sequence. Use a duplicate converted to brush strokes for the morph. IOW, prepare a sandwich with pencil lines for bread and brush strokes for the contents.