Question about license limitations

Hi all,
I’m getting more and more interested in trying out Harmony for freelance animation work and I have a quick question regarding licensing rules.

If I were to either purchase or rent a monthly license, am I able to install and use the software on both my private computers or will I need to get a separate license for each machine?

I have a Windows desktop machine I’d like to use for most of the work but it would be convenient if I could also have the software on my Mac laptop as well for when I’m on the go. Would this work with a single license?

Yes you can.
BUT you would need to return the license from one machine to Toon Boom’s license server before you could activate it on another machine.
I believe you can return the license to the server 5 times in 2 days, so you cannot to and fro more than that in any two day period.
So Harmony can be installed on both machines, but only active on one machine at any one time.

Ok great! Thanks for letting me know.