Question about harmony versions and rigging.

Hey guys I’ve been a long time flash user (6 years now), and have been considering switching over to harmrony. I noticed that in a lot of users of harmony on youtube use of node view in older versions to build/animate cut out puppet rigs.

However this feature seems to be only available in harmony 12 premium. Is it still possible to build those same rigs somehow without node view or would I have to either have an older versions license or use premium only?

It depends on the specific rig whether or not it can be achieved in a layer based effect system. You might have to watch a bunch of the tutorials done by Toon Boom in which they show how to set up the same thing in both until you can figure out the difference and how to do other things on your own.

For about another year Animate Pro 3 will still be available and offers node based effects.