Question about "Enable Playback Caching"

In Preferences>OpenGL there is an option enabled by default called “Enable Playback Caching”. When I press “play” with this option enabled the animation is pixelated, not antialiasing at all.
If I uncheck this option I can see the animation with antialiasing, is that normal?

Thanks! :slight_smile:
I have tested with different computers mac/pc and I think it´s normal.

Thanks o0Ampy0o and Loong for your answer!

Generally, OpenGL performance and settings results are dependent upon the specs of your graphics card.

You should discuss this with Support.

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but I want to say, your screenshots show, I think that’s enabled ‘Full Scene Antialiasing’ function.

this is normal, because the Toon Boom software is to preview the animation to ensure normal playback speed. Will Not affect the final output image sequence or *.mov video animation.