Question about Animate

Hi there !

I would like to know if Animate (and not Animate Pro) has the bones tool like in Toon Boom Studio ?

Thank in advance.


It seems that nobody use Animate…

I try the PLE version but it seems that bones are not really bones. Just a tool to make kinematics.

Also in the Toon Boom Studio forum there are some spams for severals days. I wonder if there are some moderators in here.

The TB forums seem to be a ghost forum. This is a shame because TB has some good products.

Correct on your ghost forum question.
Do you know of any other “non-official”
forums that TB users frequent?


I apologize for not hopping on here sooner! I always recommend if you have a question that you need a quick response on, don’t hesitate to email

We have some power users on here, and I try to get online as often as I can, but this has been a busy year!

The answer is that version 3 just introduced Bones to Animate Pro. Animate is focused on frame-by-frame animation, and as such has tools like the thick and thin pencil line.