Question about a Z-depth bug or possibly unknown feature

In a particular scene, with the camera view active using the Transform tool; Pressing UP or DOWN with an asset selected (element or peg) will translate the asset while making it slide towards and away from the camera in the top view.

Alt is not being held down and we’ve made sure the Camera view is active.
We’ve tried:

Clearing all poses and animation keys except the one on the first frame.
Computer restarts
Harmony restarts

Though it’s particular to a scene that was already handled by an animator. It still pops up every so often in other scenes.

I’m wondering if it’s a feature an animator might accidentally enable/disable or if it’s a bug.
Thanks for your time!

It’s a known issue that sometimes using the arrows to nudge up/down in the Camera view will change the Z value. For the moment the workaround is to go Top menu>Animation>No Z dragging.

You will have to turn this option off when you want to Alt + nudge though.

Thanks Lilly and Steve!

Well we have that kind of problem also, but found out that up and down arrow will make the elements have z depth when you have camera in your network. But when you dont have camera in your network up and down arrow will work as x and y axiz. Opposite of without camera using alt + arrow will make the element nudge in z axiz and up and down arrow will not work as nudging in to z axiz.

Hmm… Well, I’ve just tried to reproduce this one with little success. For me, up and down in the camera move does a nudge in x and y, and alt+arrow does the nudge in z. If it’s tied to a particular scene, then perhaps you can email and they can investigate the scene.