Question about a shading method

First of all, I think this is the correct board? If not, I apologize, I’m a newbie. Anyways, I’ve been working on my first animation and have been manually shading it by hand where I’d pick two different shades for each color and then drawing where the shadow line should go, and then filling it it. The first two photos I posted here will show what I mean. When I do this, I’d select the option “draw behind” to make sure the shading line stays behind the black outline.

However, when doing some tests of the animation, I always color it in to help me visually see my progress. My question is, if I want to do shading in some manner like this, do I have to erase all of the color in order to draw the shade lines? If I don’t erase it and select “draw behind”, it obviously draws behind the original color, and if I don’t then it draws over the black outline. Is there some way to make it still draw in from of the color EXCEPT for the black color? If so, I wouldn’t have to spend the extra time erasing every color by hand, and it would potentially make it easier figuring out where the shade lines should go. The third image shows what I mean by a “non-shaded in progress” frame.

If you use Harmony Premium ? Either try this:

Here is the Network View:

Here is the result:

Or use the Light Shading Node:

Hey Brock!

Nolan’s suggestion is quite good there.

Depending on if you are doing a cut-out rig or a paperless animation where you want to apply your shading, you can use tones.

Nolan’s example is a good representation of how you would apply an offset to your rig and set that as a tone. Otherwise, if you still want to trace your shadows without having to worry about the colour coming on top of the line, you can use a tone node (Harmony premium) and connect your character in the right port, and another drawing node on the left port of the tone, where you will trace and paint your shadow. The shadow will be contained only in your character and since your line is black, it will not be affected. If you had had a coloured line, it would be shadowed as well.

Hope this helps, let us know how this goes!