I have a question about quadmaps. I’d refer to the manual, however, it seems like it was skipped. The only reference says, “See Enhancing With Effects Chapter for more details”, but there’s nothing there about quadmaps. I’m using Animate.

I’ll parent a quadmap to a drawing, click on the quadmap layer and the only thing I’ll get is a solid yellow square outlining the object when I’m on the transform tool, but I can’t get the numbered corner handles I see in examples. What am I doing wrong?

For your reference, I was able to find Quadmaps under Enhancing with Effects on page 872 of the User Guide.

To show the numbered, corner handles, hit Shift-F11 to Show Controls. Make sure that you have the Quadmap layer selected and the transform tool active, and you should see the handles.

Awesome. I really appreciate the help. I thought no one saw this post.

Something strange that may answer why I couldn’t find the reference is that you said page 872. My user manual’s numbered pages only go to 776, and the total number of actual pages in the PDF go to 826. The Enhancing With Effects section ran from 621 to 650.

Either way, I got my answer. Thanks.

the page 872 on quadmaps is from the ‘animate/animate pro user guide’…