Quadmaps - Uses?

Animate user. I’m trying to get a clearer view of all the function(s) of quadmaps. One very useful function is distorting a horizontal background to give it perspective, and have it as a cycled passing backdrop (seen through the window of a car).

But is there a way to have the distortion of a quadmap change over time? The layer does not seem to permit keyframes to be added.

Either open the Data View and drag the desired values…
(click the “+” for adding keyframes, mousover the numbers,
until you see the hand, drag left and right…

Or move the Quadmap-Handles in the viewport…
(make sure to press the Animate button)


Thanks. After selecting the animation button I got the quadmap distortion to change over the timeline.

However. When I distort a character his eyes disappear - see the image below - before and after.


I’ve also had other parts of the character disappear, but making the z setting of the character peg go more negative makes them visible. But not the eyes. Is there something about z values and quadmaps I should know about?

Sometimes the Quadmap has difficulty when all the layers are at the same z-depth - you may see some layers changing depth. I would recommend selecting the eyes and nudging them forward on the z-axis so that they’re in front of the head. Does that solve the problem?

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No. Once the distortion parameters make the eyes disappear no Z nudges back or forward bring them back. Only by amending the distortion do they reappear. The weird thing is how objects re-appear in front of the background by giving them negative z values (nudging back). Even a single element (square) shows weird disappearing tendencies depending on the distortion. That too cannot be fixed with z nudging (back or forward).

My guess it’s a limitation of the Quadmap. A bug?

I have tried creating a rigged character in symbols - as opposed to drawings. When I move Quadmap handles with this character, the disappearing element effect is less apparent, and distortion is more easily achieved without change of z relationships. So this is another factor pushing me toward working purely with symbols.

Overall, I hope Toonboom will try to include not only a full description of the Quadmap in its A2 manual, but also a how-to guide. Currently there isn’t even instructions on how to bring up the handles (Shift+F11).

I will pass on your comments to documentation, and I will investigate the Quadmap function further here to see if there is anything that can be done to improve its implementation.

If you would like us to investigate with your scene in particular, feel free to send an email to techsupport@toonboom.com

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