quadmap controls

Hello there

does anybody knows why my quadmap controls are not appearing?

sometimes when i have one quadmap they appear, but when i have two they disappear.

i already tried to press cmd+F11, already went to the menu and pressed the show button, but it doesn’t appear.

i’m trying to make character shadows…

can anybody help me?


i got it! thanks!

Well first just make sure that you have the Quadmap layer selected. Then you can do your View > Show > Control. Are you not seeing the handles at all or are you just not able to move them?

You might try doing a View > Hide All Controls then show the control again.

As a tip, if you’re doing a lot of showing and hiding, if you turn on your Camera View toolbar (Windows > Toolbars > Camera View), then you can access the Show Control and Hide Control buttons. Then it’s easier to show and hide the control quickly.