Qsa Crashing Animate on Start

So I’ve been messing around and learning how to use Qsa in Animate and apparently have messed up some how. Now when I try to open or start a scene I get an error message "Error. Use of Undefined variable ’ scene’ "
It tells me it occurred in Line 1 of the script it was executing. I looked around and tried to find if the script was saved somewhere so I could delete it. Next I googled and searched the forums and knowledge base. But can’t seem to figure out how to get Animate to stop executing that script when it loads.

What do I need to do to fix this?

using a
mac book pro
Osx 10.5.8

There are a couple things you can do. The scripts are all stored as one conglomerate qsa script. Im afraid I dont know where on the Mac Animate Pro stores this script (have powerpc :frowning: ). On Windows XP, for those interested, its resides under the Documents and Settings<user>\Application Data\Toon Boom Animation\Toon Boom ANimate Pro\scripts

The file in question is just called script.qsa and you can replace it with a pristine copy… Normally if there are errors in the qsa file you can get by. You just get annoying piop-ups at opening.

I’ll see if I can find where this is kept on the Mac for Digital Pro (I m guessing it will be in a similar area for Animate Pro).

As far as recovering the file, the pristine copy of the file is pretty small and you could have someone email it if need be. Though Im not sure whether the file format, which btw isnt plain ole text, is cross-platform (should be…but then again something simple like plain text differ from OS to OS) . Ill keep you posted.

Ok found it. On the Mac (atleast for Digital Pro) its in :

OS X → Users → → Library → Preferences → Toon Boom Animation → Toonboom Animate Pro? → script → script.qsa

thanks Hjperez
you saved me! that’s totally what I was looking for