Puzzled newbie: Unable to set pivot points

Hi all,

I just started noodling around with this little app, and have been closely following the help docs.

I’ve added in my character, with various parts child-ed to others as suggested. All fine and dandy.

But when click the element in the timeline and go to tools → sceneplanning → rotate to set up pivot points, and then click the element in the main window, the rotate tool just moves the element around the screen…no rotation (and no pivot point set!).

huh? ???

…and when I try to select the element in main window, it comes up with a box with five points (one looks like a handle) and rotate is no longer available in the tools menu!

Am I missing something like really obvious?

Befuddled. Help!

…and as a follow-up: AAARGH! This is infuriating! :’(


First, make sure that you have the camera view active instead of the drawing view. This should allow you to select the Rotation tool from the side tool bar. Then select the drawing you want to set the pivot for and then set the rotation pivot by dragging the green circle.

Best regards,