putting scenes together

I’ve made several animations saved as different files, can I now put them together into one file to create my cartoon?


It depend how long they are and if they are still in Toon Boom Studio format or are already rendered. If everything is rendered you may want to consider getting a very simply editing software to get everything back together. If you are still at the Toon Boom Studio level and your scenes are not too long you could consider making templates out of each scene and import them in a master project afterward.

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Hi Adam.
Make a template with all complete elements selected of the scenes created in different projects and add on global library folder. Make the same thing whit all files that you want to done in a unique new project. Copy the templates created on global library as succesive scenes into this new proyect. Render entire project.
Other form, working only with Toon Boom Studio, is making partial renders and then importing the movies in a new unique project and render all again.
Using an editor program as Adobe Premiere you can edit all partial movies into a unique proyect but less memory usage. Hope this helps. Yoryo

I have iMovie on my computer, maybe I will try rendering them and uploading them to that. Is there anything specific I should know before I try it?
Thank you

Adam. I understand that IMovie is a familiar product of Apple and you can edit your quicktime movies on it, then you can probe results, but don´t forget that for a professional use are indicated other software as FinalCut. Yoryo.


Nothing much specific there. Make sure the video you make are compatible with iMovie (so basically make sure to export to Quictime Movie).

Other then that I don’t really know the specific of iMovie. If you feel the quality of the animation is too low you may want to export with different video options from Toon Boom Studio.

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I exported my scene into quicktime, and it plays fine in quicktime. but I imported it into iMovie and its fuzzy/blurry. I’ll have to poke around and make sure the settings are all the same. I know its not the right forum for it, but if anyone has any ideas, I would love to read them.


If you plan on compressing your movie from iMovie you may simply want to export with no compression from Toon Boom Studio (compressor set to None). This way you will only get one layer of compression instead of a compression of multiple compressed pieces of video.

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