putting different scenes together

I have created and exported about 35 different animations using the same character. These were then placed in different sections of a sequence in Final Cut Pro. My client would now like these animations to transition from scene to scene, with no breaks in between. Is there a way to string different animation files together into one animation. I have tried creating templates for each animation and dragging into a new timeline, without success. I recall Toon Boom Studio organizes different animations into separated scenes. Does Animate do something similar that I haven’t discovered yet?Thanks!zoobalami

Projects are best organized by scene/shot since that is about the natural resource limit of animation that a computer can deal with. There is no Scene Manager in Animate as there is in Toon Boom Studio, they use different design philosophies.The best way to merge rendered projects is to assemble the parts inside an editing software. If you do not have an editing software, you could render to bitmap sequences and import these into a “Master Project” to string the sequences together. It may still tax your computer’s memory but this will likely use less memory than creating one long movie-lenght scene.-ron