Put Child In Front of Parent

Hello. I am using Toon Boom Studio 6 on Windows 7. I have an area of my animation where I would like a child of the parent (a person’s head) to appear in front of the parent (the body), but I am unsure of how to do this. Is there a way to put the child in front of the parent, graphic-wise, or is there an easy alternative to making this happen?


Which shortcut is it stored under?

Doing what you said seems to change the size. I want the child to appear over the parent, but stay the same size.

Should be under the Tools Menu:
(alt+down-arrow - Nudge Forwards when Transform Tool is selected)

Still no luck: quit Studio, delete the Preference Folder, restart Studio.
Otherwise contact the Toon Boom Team: support@toonboom.com

Either, hold down the alt/option-key, then hit the down- or up-arrow key
for forward- or backward-movement.

Or, open the Properties Panel and type the Offset into the Z-Window.
(the third one to the right)

Holding down the alt key and pressing up or down moves the selection up or down.

Changing the offset changes the size.

I am probably not doing something right. Do I need to select something before using alt + up or down?

In Camera View select the Element in the Viewport with the Select Tool (6).
Make sure the Cursor stays in the Viewport.

Still no luck ? Check your Shortcuts in the Preferences…

The closest thing I found in the Tools Menu shortcuts were “Send Backward” and “Send to Back”, which did not work. Where is the preferences folder stored?

I should add that I have a 2 week pass for TBS 8.1 now, as a result of a customer support test.

As far as I know, those shortcuts are only for the Drawing View…

Unfortunately, not much experience with Windows…

Try those locations:
Vista: C:\Users\USER_NAME\AppData\Roaming
XP:C:\Documents and Settings\USER_NAME\Application data

I cannot find the preferences folder. Should I contact support, as the command should be in the software according to the link you posted?

Should be similar for Studio’s Preferences:
Windows 7: C: / Users / Your Username / AppData / Roaming

Still no luck, contact the Toon Boom Team.

Hi Garbotron, I would change the Z-offset of the layer by editing the value in the Properties pane. A small amount like +0.01 should do it. The software will convert the value to either F (for Front) or B (for Back) depending on our entered value (+ or -).

This works for bone-rigged characters (my preferred rigging method), but I haven’t tried with the other rigging technique (puppet/cutout). I’m guessing it should work the same.

*** Update: I just found that we can also move the hidden layers to the front by selecting and dragging the layer closer to the camera in the Side View or the Top View. If several layers are in the same Z-offset (e.g. 0 F), then some of the elements will be invisible and selecting an element can be confusing. In that case, it may help to click on the targeted element in the Timeline View first. That selected element will be indicated in thicker/darker green in the Top/Side View window.

Moving the layer from the side-view seemed to work. Thank you so much!