Purpose of flatten button?

Can someone explain to me what exactly is the function of the flatten button?
And also can You give me a situation or an example of how/when it is/can be used?


The flatten button button does the same as flatten layers in Photoshop, it puts all selected layers in a single, more manageable layer!


For example you draw with your brush without autoflatten turned on you will then be able to go back and select each stroke individually.

Once you flatten it becomes one large stroke that is always selected together.

Often it is used when you have finished a drawing to make it one for ease of further editing, selecting etc.

Also it does flatten mutiple drawings together, just muplie strokes in a single drawing.

…and so making the file smaller in size. ;D

looking at the file sizes I get that are fairly insignificant especially when I have single programs on my computer over 100 gig in size.

That said on slow computers I am sure flattening helps with performance too.

thanks alot