Purchased Student Subscription but Can't Download

Successfully completed purchase of Toon Boom Harmony 12 Premium. When I click on the download button it redirects to a page that states “This section is for members only. You are not authorized to access this section.” What is this?


Doesn’t anyone know how to solve this issue? I can’t find any information anywhere.

What link are you clicking on?

Are you using a URL located in your My Account section?

Did you receive an email with instructions, confirmations, etc.?

Clicking the “download” button in My Account - My Downloads - under the Desktop Subscriptions section. Storyboard Pro 4.2 downloaded and activated just fine. Both say “Active” and have “Next Charge” dates.

I don’t know what else I need to do to be able to download from there.

I downloaded it from “Trials” to see if I could activate it from the program, but it tells me I have no permanent licenses under my account, but it shows my subscription info in the box. It just doesn’t register like Storyboard Pro did.

And yes, I received an email confirmation for my purchase. Nothing went wrong there.

You need to contact Toon Boom Customer Service to clear this up. Seems like something is not being done properly. You might have them adjust the renewal date to make up for the down time if it is something they did not do correctly. I imagine the next billing date is based on the purchase date. Or was the first month prorated? I bought a perpetual license.