Puppets made from images acting funny

Sorry if this isn’t in the correct place. I coudn’t find a place to post for puppets.

I am creating a puppet out of a photoshop image. I have cut the image apart in Photoshop and saved it as .psp.

I can import the pieces and line them up and adjust them from front to back.

The problem comes when I try to connect the pieces together. When I try to hook a foot to a leg or leg to the trso the piece that I am trying to connect ends up either getting very small and disappearing from view or getting very large an takes up most of the screen. I then have to resize the piece set the angles etc again.

Any reason why this would hppen?


If you have to resize your pieces before you aligned them all the transformations that you applied to a piece will get applied to the child. If you do have to do those resize I would suggest you to make the rig out of pegs instead of only drawing element. This way the resizing you have done to the drawings won’t be applied to the other sub elements.

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This makes a big difference.

Worked like a charm.

I actually ended up creating pegs for my orginal project but apparently once youhave started them one way they revert back to original once they are hooked to the peg again.

So the moral of the story create a peg for each piece of each arm, leg torso, head etc you have and hook your parts to those, then to one another!

By the way the toonboom studio guide shows them being hooked to each other rather than pegs. You may want to address that.


It really depend on how the character gets imported, sometime you may need to have pegs sometime you don’t. Both ways have their pros and cons (pegs tend to complicate the timeline and also force you to use the Peg Only Mode to pick stuff in the camera view to move things around). We have some templates using pegs and some using drawing to show both ways to do things.

In any case glad it worked out for your project.

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