Puppets and bones - looping or repeating.

How do I make a bone cycle repeat?

I’ve checked the help section and it’s confusing me a bit with the children’s exposure and so on…

I have my animated puppet, bones and all. It’s a character with a complete walk cycle of two-steps. So far, so good - it works fine.

I’ve made the background move, so the character is walking on the spot. Works fine, timing great. The distance that the background moves is spot on. However, there is only one cycle, so the character moves two steps and then stops. Any attempt to make him walk further and he simply slides across the ground, but the background continues fine. How do I get everything in the timeline view to simply duplicate, either once more for another cycle or twice more?
I’ve followed the instructions, but I’m a bit lost when it comes to segments and key frames, and children exposure. Why can’t I simply copy and paste the whole group of layers (key frames and all) into the timeline to extend the exposure for one more cycle?

A character puppet is a copmplicated thing… The mater peg of the puppet determines it’s movement accross the page but you will probably need to cycle the am and leg movements of the arm and leg chains using “Change Loops”, that or you can create an action template for your character that has a longer sequence of movement.

Please have a look at what the child elements are doing because this is actually important to understanding how the puppet is made to move.

Remember that when making an action template that the structure of the action template must exactly match the structure of your character puppet.

Thanks. I eventually sorted it out. It seems to me that TBS is quite difficult to grasp but once you’ve done it, it seems to be straightforward after that.