puppet warp?

I recently used the puppet warp in PS (fantastic but still lacks tweening) and wish Harmony had a tool like that, but it seems to be impossible to me to do anything like that in Harmony.

Is it possible in Harmony somehow or will there be such a tool in the future?

What is especially difficult in Harmony is using the deformer on a somewhat complex bitmap. It is basically 100% hopeless. A mesh like in PS puppet warp would help so much. But it is not there or am I missing something?

Puppet Warp is a very very cool feature. To use it most effectively you need to separate the target object from its environment. You could prepare images in PS to work with the tools Harmony has and marry the two. To take advantage of appropriate tools I believe you would be better off doing the in betweening manually in PS. PS is the King of image manipulation.

Harmony is a very cool software too, but I think it would be even better with this feature in terms of time saving.
The deformer is good, but for just quickly make something come “alive” for just 1 scene, it is far too cumbersome to set up.

A puppet warp mesh in Harmony would be very useful I think.
They added this mesh warp for bitmap, why not improve from there?