Puppet pin tool

Hello ,
I was just thinking if there will be a tool like the puppet tool found in After effects in the coming version of Animate and Animate Pro .
It will be useful for parts of characters like tails neck of a dragon or snake for example …
also can be used for animating painted objects like grass moving a flag waving …etc .
I love this tool . and it will be great if we will have it in TBA. specially use it in part of cut-out characters that difficult to animate using regular ik .
Thanks . ;D

Anybody familiar with this Tool ? i was just thinking it would be awesome if we have in in Toon boom better then exporting video or image into AE and apply that animation .

I hope this will be very soon ;D

Agreed! I’m just getting back into After Effects for the first time in 7 or 8 years and was blown away by the puppet pin tool. It would be fantastic to be able to seamlessly marry that style of animation with the others already available.

Maybe I’m just having a hard time figuring out this tool in AfterEffects, but I haven’t found it to be very useful due to the fact that the “pins” only tween in a straight line. So if you want to, say, bend an arm, you can’t tween the pin at the wrist so that it rotates around the elbow joint, the way you can with a bone. You’d have to do it manually, frame by frame, and then you run into the problem of making sure the distance between the wrist and elbow is the same in every frame. It’s just going to look weird. What’s wrong with bones?

Harmony 9 has this now.
It’s as awesome as sounds. :slight_smile: