Puppet parts separating

Hello everyone,

I’ve run into a problem and I’m not sure if and where I went wrong or what it was that I didn’t do correctly? I’ve created multiple puppets and am seeing this problem on some of them, while on others, the puppets appear to function normally. I am using Animate PRO. I originally drew the puppets in regular Animate, had them pivoted, pegged and “puppetized”. After migrating to PRO, I broke each of the characters down and rebuilt them using the network view. I followed the kickstart tutorials and the manual for the entire process; assembled the puppets, ordered the puppets layers, set the pivots, connected to composite modules, created hierarchies, ordered the layer hierarchies, and stored the puppets in the library. Prior to putting each of the puppets away in the library, I double-checked the rotation and placement of each of the pivots.

Now for the problem. I am setting up a new drawing that will have several of the puppets together. When I bring the puppet templates into the timeline, each look normal when they arrive on the screen in the default position. On some of the puppets, when I attempt to either resize them or reposition them across the screen, some of the body parts are separating away from each other; the head is separating from the body, or a leg has moved in closer or farther apart, etc.

Thinking that maybe I did not have pivots placed correctly on the puppets, I went back (through the template edit mode) and checked each puppet/pivot and peg, and it looks as if I’ve done everything correctly.

Does anyone have an idea of what I may be doing incorrectly?

Thanks all in advance for your assistance with this,



It might have something to do with the z of the element that you have set to do the patches and reordering of element. If the z gap is too big between element they may not scale at the same speed as closer elements to the camera will scale slower then further elements. Make sure to use the smallest offset possible whenever you are using Z position to reorder pieces of a single character to avoid this situation to happen.

Hopefully this will address your issue.

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You are the man! You were spot on with how to resolve the problem; I went back and reset the Z’s to the minimalist values that would take and the problem is solved.

Thanks for the assistance once again!