Puppet Animation on Twos?


Is there a way to animate the parts of a rigged character manually, frame-by-frame, on twos? I’m already using this type of trick in Flash, but I want to know how to do it in Toon Boom.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Tried the second method and translated my Flash animation style to Toon Boom perfectly! Thank you Lily! ;D

Well there’s two ways.

1) Step function. You can click on the + sign on any animated layer to show the functions associated with that layer. Then you can double-click on a function that you’d like to put on twos. This pops up the Function Editor. You can click on the Step button, which looks like three steps, and then you can put the start frame to frame 1, end frame to whatever frame your scene ends on, and for hold value put 2.

2) Convert to Stop-Motion keyframes. Once you have your animation set up with Motion keyframes, where it’s tweening between the keyframes, you can just hit F6 on every other frame. Then right-click and Set Stop-Motion Keyframes.

Whichever method is faster depends on the animation.