PSD importing layers as frames

Hello, I was wondering if I could get some help. I am trying to import a multilayered background into Toon Boom Harmony. These layers are put into groups in the PSD file. When I attempt to import the PSD file, it places each layer on a separate frame in the composition. I do not want this. Is there any way to fix this without compressing the image? Thank you.

In the “Multilayer Image Import Settings” window “Images to Load:”
Did you choose “All Layer Images” from the drop-down ?
Every Photoshop Layer should be placed on it’s own Image-Layer.

Choosing “Composite Image”…
All Photoshop Layers are flattened into one Image-Layer.

Unfortunately, my problem is not resolved by that video. My problem is not that the layers aren’t being created, but instead that they are created and the layers that were grouped in Photoshop are turned into frames.

When importing the file, I went to File>Import>Images

In the dialogue box I found my file, opted to create layer(s)> create layer named: Multilayer_Image

Unchecked vectorize imported items and create symbol for imported items.

Alignment: Rules: Pan (though I also tried the ‘Fit’ option to see if that would make a difference as well)

Transparency: Alpha: Premultiplied with white

Hit ‘OK’.

Images to load: All layer images
Recommended transparency: Straight

When I hit ‘OK’ there are three layers that pop up. That is how it should be, because there are three groups in photoshop. However, the layers that were under these groups instead create frames, and that’s not what I want.

I made sure nothing was strangely named in the Photoshop file, and I also made sure all the layers were grouped before I started this.

I can just merge the layers in the groups, but I have mulitple backgrounds that I need to import and I was wondering what might be causing this. I am using Maverick 10.9 .

Your Photoshop Group Files might contain several sublayers ?
Make sure every single layer (including sublayers) are in their own single Group Folder.
Or Merge / Flatten them before you group them in Photoshop…

Otherwise Animate/Harmony will create as many frames as sublayers are in that group.