psd import crash

tried importing a psd into sbpro 2 ( service pack 1) its crashes sbpro . i saved the psd file as i have cs1 and the original file might have been a later version but that still crashed it . note - psd files that i create can be imported . strange one - also the gaussian blur in ps doesn’t import into sbpro correctly . the edge looks harsher than when viewed in ps . Happy christmas to all at toon boom - may all all your bugs be little ones . and to all toon boom users - i hope you get all the features and fixes you asked for .

Not a direct response to original poster but on a related matter… I’ve also learned from experience… PSD files with very large canvas size will crash SB Pro - SP1 upon import. I usually have to re-size down long panning BGs before ‘Import As Scene’.

Perhaps you should import the psd file into