PSD files cant be read in aminate pro

Hi guys again:)

This timemy Psd files i want to inort come up wuth this error "COuld not complete reading from file c:// …

canot load drawing file c://…
can any one help me. I have grouped my layers as specified in the tutorial.

It sounds like there might be a read/write problem, or maybe a permissions issue on the file. Why don’t you try emailing the PSD file to Support,, and they can take a look at it.

Toon Boom Support


I am having the same issue on mac. Toonboom has become unusable for me. So far I have
• Opened permissions on the file in question
• Deleted that file
• tried other images
• reinstalled toonboom

I am running mac os 10.6.4

I tested several things over 2 macs and found out the problem. CMYK. Your PSD MUST be RGB.

Thats it.