PSD files - Animate - Digital Pro - Studio

I would like to know if with Toon Boom Animate is possible to import layers from the PSD files at once.

I am using TBDP now.

Which effects are in TBDP that are not in TBA. How better is than TBS if there is no network??


You can import a layered PSD file into Animate as long as you don’t vectorize it. For example if you want to bring a background that is made of multiple overlays, underlays and backdrop you can bring that in. I think there is a tutorial showing this. What you have to do is create a set(group) in Photoshop for each layer that you want seperate. By doing this you will have automatically the same layers in Animate. If you don’t put sets then all the layers will come in in the same layer in Animate. It’s up to you depending what you want to do.

There a quite a few effects that are not in Animate but you have other tools and options that are not in DP. Off hand here are the effects in Animate:
Color card
Color scale
Color Override
Blur directional

The idea of Animate was to simplify the interface and concentrate on animating more than effects. You do have symbols now also for reusing linked drawings.