PSD background changes scale in renderview


Been working in open GL view, wanted to export a finished frame. After export noticed the BG had shrunk. Checked render view and saw the same thing. The BG is a multilayer PSD (not vectorized) with 2/3 layers hidden. What would cause render view to shrink the PSD? If I go to edit it, the section box is the correct size, as if the PSD did not shrink, but the image is about 1/3rd the size it started at.

Is there a way to force an export from OpenGL view, or otherwise make sure render and opengl views are arranged consistently?

I have no effects on this or any layer.



Hi Nik,

Could you include a screenshot that shows the difference between your openGL view and your render view?

There is no way to force a render from OpenGL view - there is an option to export OpenGL frames, which will render what you see in the OpenGL view, but it won’t do a complete render with effects, antialiasing, etc. This is meant as a preview for the purposes of sharing the scene for animation reviews, not for a final product.

Go ahead and upload your image to a free image hosting site, then copy and paste the URL in here so we can see exactly what you’re looking at.


Sorry this took so long.

OpenGL -

Render -

If I select the background in render view, the bounding box is larger, as if it hadn’t shrunk. Weird.

It’s not the biggest deal, as I can just re-size in render view before export, but I figure its worth reporting. It is also only happening in this project file. My other scenes are so far unaffected.

Thank you,


If it’s only happening in that project file, then it may be something related to what you did with that image. Did you try re-importing the background?

If you can’t figure it out and would like us to debug what is happening, then send an email to and we can set up an ftp where you can upload your project for us to take a look at.