PSA for OxFam in Harmony

Hi guys, we just finished a PSA for OxFam starring the voice of Scarlett Johansson. All of the Scarlett animation was done in Harmony 9 by myself with some help from Eric Kilkenny (who’s a forum regular here - hi Eric!) We used the new deform tool pretty heavily with her body, hair and skirt and it was a joy once I figured it out. It was also my first project with a TB style puppet character and I learned a ton that I can’t wait to use next time. The rest of the spot was done using Flash and After Effects. Hope you dig it:

Awesome work, Chris! This is first class stuff! Very well done!

Was pretty good.

Did you get to meet her, or was recorded elsewhere and just sent to you?

Thanks for the kind words. No meeting Scar-Jo here - that was all handled by the ad agency. I did get to listen to her shoot me down one frame at a time while I was lip-syncing though!

Oh, that was SO, so, soooo nice!! I love your deformations, too.

(I never thought I’d be looking at such things in animations. :)) I chose the wrong one, first time around, but am now getting plenty o’ experience with the curve deformer. It can be a wee bit tricky, but … aye! The possibilities!)

Was it nothing but a pleasure to work with such a fun script? This is great, great proof that PSA’s can be delightful!

Nice work! ( and fun script too! )

Wow that was beautifully done!!