Properties Window

The “Properties” window does not resize the way the other windows do. It won’t shrink beyond a certain point. Maybe it’s because in the “drawing” tab there are those columns and if the window shrinks beyond a minimum, then the columnar formatting will be messed up. But I’ve got to say that the “Properties” window gets in my way quite often. I’d be happy, personally, to have to remember to resize it properly to see the “drawing” properties, which, at this point in my work progress I never use.

Just a thought.


Here is a suggestion that many of us have adopted to make the properties window friendlier in our workflows. Assign a hot key to toggle the window on/off. I have found that H is an ideal hot key to use for this.

step1: From the menu Edit>Preferences
step2: go to the Shortcuts tab
step3: select the catagory Window Menu
step4: select the command Properties
step5: assign H as the hot key and press the OK button

Now you can display or hide the properties window anytime you need to by pressing the H key. I hope you will try this and that it help solve your issue. -JK

Yes this was a good tip. Thank you.