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I have lost my properties window by accidently dragging it out of sight (to the right of my window view) I am unable to retrieve it and yet the view says that it is viewable. I ran in to this problem before and a student of mine was able to delete a preference or something so that when I reopened the program it restored the defaults. I am using V2 on my PC and am hoping that someone can walk me through it.
Thanks in advance

Simplest way to solve this problem is to maximize your resolution (if its not at the highest resolution your screen can take yet). Once it is done you will be able to see the window so simply put it back to it’s rightful place. Else you’d have to delete a registry file that saves the preferences (I’ll point it out to you if the resolution solution doesn’t work).

This problem as been solved in newer versions of Toon Boom Studio since we’ve added a ‘‘Restore Default Window Positions’’ button so you shouldn’t have to worry about this problem if you ever upgrade your software.

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I’m not sure if this will work for 2.0, but I’ve done that to myself in 3.0 a couple of times. I’d keep doing show/hide (didn’t think to restore defaults), but then I noticed that some new scroll bars were on the edge of my TBS screen so that I could scroll into the space where it was.

I noticed the district part of your email address–are your students using this as well? I may get the chance to use TBS this summer in our night migrant ed program and I’m interested in seeing how other teachers introduce TBS to their students…

Thanks to both of you, however, that still does not work. My resolution is at its smallest. There is or was a way to fix it, but it required deleting a file so that it regenerates the default on restart.
Does anyone have this quick fix tip???

Rob…Email me so that I can send you ideas and curriculum that I have done for my students in the past.

Ok here are the steps you need to do to reset the position of the property window. Make sure the software is closed before starting the procedure.

First run regedit on the start menu. In the registry list go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Toon Boom Technologies Inc / Toon Boom Studio 2.0 / kDrawing / Inspector.

Before you delete the folder you could export the registry for security issues. Now select Inspector and delete it. Once it is deleted simply launch Toon Boom Studio v2.0 software. You’ll need to show the property window in Window/Property.

That should solve things up.

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