Proper Tutorials

I am new user to Toon boom studio 4.5. I have made a couple of animations but they all look too simple and 2nd rate, is there any good tutorials any were I can trust that will teach me the very basics then up to advanced techniques because i feel with that i could really do some great work.



Here you will find some.

thanks to this guy

You will also find more looking around on this forum.
Good luck.


Hi sorry im replying back in such a long time, but there is alot of things a person has to do. I know you gave a tutorial from a web page but id rather have a link to video tutorial of some type because i learn better by repeating. Ive checked youtube but what i find there doesnt help much, its always some blurry tutorial with weird music in the back round or no audio. Reply back if you know any and if you dont thats ok, i just need something to learn from so i dont end up only knowing how to draw and colour.


Yep, that’s a long time. Anyway, here are videos for version 4-4.5. Not a bad set and are downloadable.