Prompted for key every time Storyboard starts

I have installed Storyboard 1.5 on Mac OS X, Snow Leopard. This is the basic software, not Storyboard Pro.The problem is that every time I start up StoryBoard, I am prompted to enter my name and key. I do that, click OK and get a dialog stating “Thank you for purchasing Toon Boom Storyboard.” I click OK and I can run Storyboard. But the net time that I start up, I’m prompted again.Thanks,Mike

Any response?

Did you install the software under an administrative account?

Hi, and thanks for your reply. I did install it under an administrative account. I did run it for the first time under that account, too. Does that make a difference?Mike

Yes it can make a difference. When you install, you have to install under an administrative account so that the license information can be copied to trusted storage on the computer. Usually if you don’t install under an administrative account it will prompt you for a password, but in case it didn’t you could result in this kind of a problem. Perhaps you should email tech support for this question,

Thanks for you help. I uninstalled it completely then did a fresh install as the administrator account. I ran it under this account and put in my name, company and the key file. Storyboard accepted the key, then asked me to register online. I’ve done that already, so I skipped past.I logged out of the administrator account and logged in as myself. Started Storyboard and was not prompted for the key.So, I’m guessing that it was user error with the first couple of installs. Again, thanks for your help.Mike

I’m very glad that you got it working! Thanks for your patience.~LillyToon Boom Support