Projects won't stay open after clicking on them

I use Storyboard Pro 4.1 on a early MacPro OX, it was working fine all day then all of a sudden, after i saved and closed the project, it wouldn’t re-open for more than a split second, what do I do now? Im panicking. Is this going to cost me money? Are all my projects and work gone?

Try uninstalling and reinstalling SBP first - It might just be a single program file that got corrupted…
I get the same problem when modifying & scripting for SBP - One line of code goes bad in one file - and suddenly the program won’t load at all. Once I put it back as it was; everything is fine.
Try uninstalling, delete any leftover files in the Application directory, if any, then reinstall and any corruption should be cleared.

Also try and update your graphics driver as best you can
I don’t know what support your graphics chip or OS version will have in an old MacPro, but OS updates and patches occasionally break graphics drivers which then causes weird unrelated problems like this.


When you mean, doesn’t stay open mean it crash?

Because what could be happening is that the MacOS retained an incorrect configuration of your desktop working area.

This can be easily fixed after when the project ‘closes’ you go to tab ‘Windows’ and ‘Restore Default workspace’

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