Projects lagging after saving on remote laptop

Hello everyone,

I’m working in a studio on a film. I never had any problems with lag or anything. But last week I had to work from home and was experiencing input lag.

Example 1: when pressing space to pan, I had to wait half a second before I should move my mouse, otherwise I would leave a brushstroke instead of panning.
Example 2: when putting down multiple strokes in quick succession, the first two or three strokes would come up immediately, but after that it would take about half a second for the others to show up one after the other.

I thought it was because of my dated laptop, but now I’m back at the studio and I’m experiencing the same issues, but only with the specific files I worked at remotely. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

We’re running Toon Boom Harmony Premium Version 17.0.2 (15414) (2020-01-16 22:06:06)

Many thanks,


Hello Thomas,
Thank you for reaching out to the community. Sorry to hear you are experiencing a lag. Please reach out to to join our support team directly. They will help you sort this out.
I hope this helps!