Projects created in PLE not compatible with Animate??

After using Animate PLE for a couple weeks, I just bought the full version of the software. And I find out that none of the work I did in the PLE version is “compatible” with the full version of Animate! Every time I try to open one of my existing projects, I get a message saying "this file is incompatible with this version of the software."

Please tell me I am somehow mistaken!!

There is one possible other reason I can think of, which doesn’t make much sense to me, but I mention it out of thoroughness. Although I downloaded the PLE version myself using my own registered account on, the paid version of the software I’m now using was purchased for me by a client using his account. He downloaded the .dmg and transferred it to me. To be clear, I am the only one using this software with this license code. But the software is actually registered to him. Am I having this “incompatibility” problem because the work I did in PLE was made in an instance of the software registered to me? Does work created in PLE get “branded” with account registration info as some kind of piracy deterrent?

If this is, in fact, the reason, is there a way to transfer a license code registration from one account to another?

Hi davidhellman,

I am not 100% sure but I think I recall sometime ago, someone asking what limitations the PLE had in place and if I recall correctly I believe someone from Toonboom pointing out that the PLE uses its own format not compatible with either Animate or Animate Pro. I could be mistaken, but if I find the post I’ll let you know.

(off topic: a recent post does however clarify theat files created in Animate are compatible with Animate Pro)

Heres one such posting:;action=display;threadid=940

Here is the page referenced by juho

Thank you very much for your replies. Knowing that will save me some time.

I would like to state to the community and to the makers of Toon Boom that this is an absolutely horrific user experience. “Special non-commercial file format” is a very vague descriptor. There’s no reasonable cause to expect that this special format, whatever it is, can not be read and converted by a paid version of the software. Presuming the inconvenience of this “special” format, the warning should be much more clear!!

To put it another way, my first experience with your software, after paying $700, is that I’ve lost all my work.


You can’t even re-use your old libraries? Ouch. I was hoping you could. Hopefully this will be changed in the future as it would encourage people to buy the standard copy ( “why re-make your characters with a different program when you have them all ready to go with Animate?”)

i own a paid copy of animate, so i don’t know about ple, but how about .swf exports? can’t they be worked on in the commercial version?

Thinking back I had the PLE version first, and then moved to the commercial version and had trouble moving files between. I just assumed it would work.

Anyway, I did do an export of the SWF, but that still had problems as the files had additional symbols for text saying it was a demo or something. I cut out those excess symbols and used it anyway as it was quicker than redoing my work from scratch.