Projecting Animation In Movie Theater

I have been asked to finish current animation for end of April premiere in medium sized movie theater. How should I save my animation (using TBS 5 to Final Cut Pro Studio to DVD). What problems should I be anticipating?

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Unfortunately there is not a direct answer to this, because often, determining the proper output settings involves many variables. If your goal is to burn into DVD format, you are most likely to want to work in NTSC (if you’re in North America). You will also need an authoring software to actually burn the DVD format. This is not too hard to find. As far as what you render from TBS, if you’re going to be working in Final Cut Pro, or going directly from the TBS render to your DVD authoring program, you’ll want to render to .mov, and try out the different codecs available. This part is a bit trial and error, depending on the final output medium.

Take a look on the internet, there are quite a few resources for people doing exactly what you’re doing (search DVD help).

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Thanks. I’m discovering that There is no real answer when it comes to Toon Boom. It seems to be a dense and complex as you might ever want an animation to be and as simple as drawings on frames.

I am now experimenting with the many choices available via TBS. I’m using Final Cut Pro, Motion and Photoshop along with ProTools audio + effects and processors. Never a dull moment now that there is a humble “premiere” in the not too distant future.