Project workflow

what is typical workflow for creating project?
1. what large scene file that is exported to movie?
2. multiple scene files assembled in external compositor???

there is not a whole lot of discussion beyond creating actual animation… OK, so then what?

lets talk about project workflow… seriously, void of any sarcasm. constructive input please.


Well I think it really depends on the size of your production. If you’re doing a short that’s 1000 frames or less, then doing it in one scene file is doable. Once you start getting above 1000 frames, also depending on how many effects you’re using, how many drawing layers you have, etc. the scene will start to get heavier and you might experience slowness or even crashing.

So I’d say it’s best to break it up into separate files if you’re working with a long project, then you can just stitch them together in a program like Quicktime Pro or Premiere or whatever is your video editing software of choice.

My 2 cents. :slight_smile:

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there is so much that can be discussed in the area of project workflow!
I brought this up because Animate is claimed to be total production package. Large project I would choose to render out individual image sequences, possibly breaking out different elements into their own render passes.
Too much work to do before it is ready for the NLE. My compositor of choice is Fusion.
So… what is common practice for assembling your project???


Ah I understand. I used to use Fusion when I was doing 3D animation projects, so I know it well. However I will bow out and let the studio animators give you their feedback.

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Generally you would do short sequences, short scenes and then composite with another software. The company I work at uses Final Cut, but any other software works well.