Project/Scene names FU?

What… what the hell is going on with the naming restrictions? O.o
What’s invalid about the name “Box of Chocolates s-01”?!?
On windows, there’s nothing wrong with that name (and I can’t imagine that name being problematic on any other platform that isn’t so avant-guarde that it should not influence the naming conventions)

Since the file name would be perfectly legal, at least on Windows, I would consider this a bug of Harmony that should be resolved

The spaces are invalid, use underscore (_) in place.

The scene name should not exceed 23 characters and cannot contain special characters, such as *&^%!.

Best to stick with letters, numbers, underscore(_), and dash(-).

Okay, that brings us closer to a solution.
1: Display any conflicting rules along with the above error
2: Don’t do that. Allow legal file names and if necessary, store them as properties in a generalized metadata file if you somehow run into trouble.

Anything short of that is a grievous shortcoming that is technically unnecessary.
If internal usage conflicts with that, it needs to be overhauled.

For example: If there is a lot of “using the project name as a variable name” going around: DON’T DO THAT. Have project properties in an object/metadata which you reference.
If things exist that refer to a project by name, put those calls in a wrapper that looks up the project name that is safely stored in memory or as text in a file.