Project No Longer Opens After Latest Save

Well. As the title says that’s really all I can say. My project grew quite populated and I’ve been working in and out of it for a few months. Finally at the 99% done mark I had just finished lip synching and saved it for the day. The next day the file no longer opened and Harmony merely crashes after I attempt to open the file. And I was stupid and didn’t save different versions so I seem to have nothing to go back to. Other projects open… just not this one. Is there anyway I can salvage this?

I’ll give the same advice to you as I gave someone else: MAKE BACK UPS AT ALL TIMES. if you’re on a PC, run File History. if you’re on a Mac, run Time Machine. its possible it got corrupted. you might be able to salvage your drawings by importing them into a new project.

Go into the project folder.

rename the [projectname].xstage file to [projectname].xstage_bad

look for the [projectname].xstage~ file and rename to remove the ~ (tilde) character

try opening the project.

If this works, try making templates out of parts of your project and try to break it up into shots (one shot/scene per project) to keep projects within the available resources your system provides.

Thanks for the solution. The strangest thing happened. I opened up the allegedly corrupted project on a different profile on my PC and it worked just fine. I don’t know what’s going on there. Regardless, I’ll stick with separating scenes as projects from now on. I’ll keep this solution in mind if it ever happens again.

Hi, fellow.
The Harmony’s version that you used was 10.3 or 11?
I am having the same trouble in my 11 version.

even to create a new scene and toonboom 11 crashes for me, and this was so odd was working quite fine for some time now… I can’t do anything.
ill try and see if I work in a different user if it makes a difference.

ok just opened up windows 8.1 in a different user than I usually use and ran harmony…and it works, what ever could be causing that to happen, but hey :smiley: that’s Good news.

If it works for a different user then something happened to your preferences for the software. Contact support to fix your user’s preferences.