Project made by TOONBOOM

hello everyone. I just wanted to share a teaser trailer for my animated movie i made with toon boom. Please let me know what you all think. Id enjoy feedback from all you amazing toonboom animators

any one check it out yet. im really anxious to hear your thoughts?

Hello Gidiron,

ok, you really are waiting for an answer. So let me give it a try - although, after having watched your clip several times now, I’m still insecure what to think about it.

Technically, your teaser is very very well done. Drawings, colors, editing and sound are all very professional and damn good looking (I could ask you quite a lot of questions about how you achieved this effect or another). But.

But, emotionally, the problem I have with your clip is a matter of story telling. Your teaser does not tell me any story. Your Voice Over Narrator does. Not the drawings. What you see is faces and places - although drawn very well - instead of caracters and actions. Thus, your clip feels more like - sorry for that - the imitation of a teaser than the real thing…

I hope, I expressed myself clear enough. And I hope you take this for what it is: My very personal opinion (in a language that isn’t mine). There might be different ones ahead.


Wow first off thank you for the wonderful remarks. And as you said the teaser didnt tell the story. and im glad u realized that. because that was the effect i was going for. And i completly understand what you mean.

And any questions you’d like to ask id be glad to answer.


It looks really good! The teaser have a feeling of professional touch of danger. Yes… nice color, light and some depth.

It actually feels like… this project or just this test of yours could be a movie!??
I would like to see more character movement and storyboard if you going to go so far!

Keep up with the good work!

Awsome…im glad you enjoyed it. and thanks for the compliments!

and yes it is in fact a movie im working on. .for awhile now. And i actually have alot done storyboard wise…but hav yet to finish the movie in storyboard form. and id like to from there translate those storyboards into final animation and finally have this project done. But i only have few things done in final animation.

thanks again