Project has missing sections when moved into a folder on a external hard drive

I have been working on a project directly off the desktop. Now that it is complete, exported and edited I have created organised folders on my hard drive to back it up properly along side editing projects/audio files etc. Whenever I do this everything opens completely fine, except for the toonboom animate pro 2 project. It does not provide any warning for lost data when opened, it simply just makes the majority of the project invisible or misplaced. The animation project on the desktop still work normally, but whenever moved elsewhere it decides not to work. Does anybody know why this might be happening? Thanks! - Sam.

Sounds like you might be linking to drawing rather than importing them into the project.

Remember also that a .Anim file can only access its drawings while it’s in the project’s
folder so if you move it or “save as” to some other location, it will not find the drawings.